Hire JavaScript Developers (anywhere.epam.com)

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https://anywhere.epam.com/business/skills/hire-javascript-developers - It would seem that you can learn more about jobs in JavaScript by studying job descriptions on specialized sites. This does provide a list of tasks that employers ask programmers to do, but in order to hire strong professionals, you need a deeper understanding of the challenges they face in their work. Here are just a few of them: 1. Ensuring cross-browser connectivity. Internet users tend to be firmly tied to their favorite browser, and therein lies the challenge for JavaScript developers. There are many browsers, and it’s the programmers’ responsibility to make sure that users of any can interact with the product without problems. 2. Client-side JavaScript security. It’s pretty hard to find anything on the Internet that was created without using JavaScript at all, and that increases the risks of vulnerabilities. Many companies hire JS developers to analyze existing code and fix security issues in it, protecting user data. 3. Selecting and using correct performance metrics. Non-technicians might tell a developer something like, “Just make our site fast.” But it’s very easy for a programmer to get buried in measuring unimportant metrics, so often experts pre-define metrics that allow for correct performance.