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PostgreSQL is one of the most popular relational databases that is currently in use. It is open-source, compatible with most languages and systems, and very reliable. It is an excellent first database for beginners, and it is the database that powers Bento.

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Postgres is a very popular SQL database that is used across the industry. Even if you know SQL already, there are specific features of Postgres that make working with databases easier.

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Don't know SQL yet?

Hold on! The tutorials in this track assume that you already know the basics of SQL and focus on the parts specific to Postgres. If you haven't learned SQL yet, go to the right track and come back here.

Getting Started with PostgreSQL


This is an excellent introduction on how to get up and running with Postgres. This tutorial covers everything from installation, basic setup, and even common utilities.


Postgres Guide


This tutorial gives both beginners and advanced users of Postgres an excellent overview of its main concepts.


Practical Postgres
Postico User Guide


Postico is an application that makes it much easier to interact with your Postgres database than using the command line and psql. Learn how to use it to make working with your Postgres database more manageable.


Heroku Postgres


Postgres is the preferred database solution used with Heroku. This getting started guide walks you through the basics of setting up a database instance with Heroku and how to work with it in multiple languages.


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SQLAlchemy is a multipurpose tool to interact with SQL databases using Python. Its most common use is to map data structures in your code with data in your database.