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Sublime Text (or Sublime for short) is a very popular and easy to learn text editor for programmers. Generally, you can use any text editor to write code, but Sublime has built in tools to make you really fast and efficient at writing code. Learning Sublime will make programming a lot easier and a lot more fun too.

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Mastering your text editor will make you a better developer no matter what languages and frameworks you are using. Sublime Text is one of the most popular text editors for web developers, with its extensive package ecosystem, easy-to-use shortcuts, and dependability.

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Jon Chan
  • Founder of Bento
  • Developer at Stack Overflow
  • Self-taught developer
The Complete Visual Guide to Sublime Text 3


This introduction to Sublime Text will give you the highlights of the text editor to get up and running quickly. It covers everything from package control to frequently used keyboard shortcuts.


Deep Dive into Sublime Text
Sublime Tutor


For true mastery of Sublime Text, this is the tutorial to follow. After installing using Sublime Text's very own Package Control, you can actuall learn the ins and outs of the editor in a hands-on way.


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