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Bento's mission is to make technology education and opportunity available to all

Bento is a technology education company focused on educating and empowering the next generatio of self-taught developers. Starting as a side project by its founder, Jon Chan, it quickly became a viral hit in 2014, occupying the top spot on Hacker News and the overall front page of Reddit on the same day. Since then, Bento has grown from a directory of curated online tutorials into a fully fledged platform for self-taught developers to learn hundreds of technology topics. To date, Bento has helped hundreds of thousands of people learn to code from around the world.

About the Founder

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Jon is the founder and sole maintainer of Bento. Since 2014, he has been responsible for the engineering, growth, and maintenance of the platform. In that time, Bento has helped hundreds of thousands of people learn to code and become self-taught developers.

Outside of Bento, Jon is also a Principal Developer at Stack Overflow, the world's largest community of developers in the world. He is the first person of color and the youngest person to hold the title of Principal Developer at the company. Jon is also passionate about nonprofit work, having founded Out In Tech U, an arm of the organization Out in Tech, which boasts over 20,000 members worldwide. He is 28 years old.