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Learn the very basics of web development, little to no coding required. This is a prerequisite for all tracks. These are the things every person should know, whether you work in technology or not. Going through this track will help you talk intelligently about web development with your friends, family, and coworkers.

Who curated this track

Jon Chan
  • Founder of Bento
  • Developer at Stack Overflow
  • Self-taught developer
The Internet
History of the Internet


Get a brief history lesson about how the Internet came to be.


What is the Internet, really?


We sometimes forget that the Internet is made up of physical, real things. Watch this TED talk by Andrew Blum about how the Internet is architected.


How the Internet Works


You use the Internet probably every day of your life. But how does it actually work? Watch this 5 minute video for a quick overview.


DNS Explained


Something you may have heard about is the Domain Name System or DNS. Watch this quick 5 minute video about what is and why it's important.


How Web Applications Work
20 Things


This is a great overview built by Google that will make you familiar with commonly used terms you'll encounter in web development. Go through the whole thing.


Learning to Code
What is Programming?


You may be interested in how to code, but it's most helpful to know what programming really means. Watch this video to find out.


What you should learn next

Front End

The basics of building a working website, zero experience required. Learn all the tools you need to build a basic static website and put it on the Internet, the way that professional developers do. You'll not only get the technical knowledge you need, but the concepts and best practices that real engineers use. Perfect for people who want to test the waters with development in any role.