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GitHub is a site that helps you manage your code. It gives you a place to put your code when it is managed with Git, and is a great place to work with others on projects. It is notable for hosting a lot of open source projects, which means that anyone can contribute to those projects. GitHub is also notable for having great tools to help you deploy some basic websites.

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GitHub is an online service that helps you manage and host your git repositories. It has a slew of features to make managing and sharing your code simple.

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What is GitHub?


GitHub is a service for managing your git repositories and working with others. Get a high level overview of what GitHub's benefits are from this short video.


Hello World


This step-by-step guide walks you through how to create your first repository hosted on GitHub. It also gives you an overview of how pull requests work when creating new features.


Deep Dive into GitHub
Understanding the GitHub Flow


GitHub flow is a way to work with git and GitHub so it's easy to work with others on your code. This is an industry best practice and it's a common pattern you'll see in many engineering teams. This step-by-step guide by GitHub will give you a great overview.


How We Write GitHub Issues


GitHub issues are at the heart of managing changes and requests in a repository. Learning how to write useful and clear issues is going to be a key skill for you as a developer working with an engineering team.


Host Your Website with GitHub
GitHub Pages


GitHub has a feature to make your webpage accessible on the Internet. Let's put your hard work somewhere for everyone to see, even if you don't think it's ready. Read this tutorial on how.


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