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Python is a general purpose programming language. It is frequently used for web programming and data science. Python is notable for being easy to read and write for both small and large applications. For this reason, Python is a favorite beginning programming language for developers to learn and it’s the language of choice for introducing back end development on Bento.

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Python is a general purpose programming language, meaning you can use it for the web, data science, or any number of other uses. It's a language well known for being approachable for beginners, and a great introduction to learning server side code.

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Learn X in Y Minutes - Python


If you have familiarity with another programming language like JavaScript, look at this one page overview of Python. Notice the similarities it has with other languages you're familiar with. This is a great reference when you're stuck on Python.


Learn Python


For a more interactive overview of Python, this course gives you a walkthrough of the fundamentals of the language step by step.


Intro to Computer Science


This is an in-depth introduction of computer science and programming in Python. Make sure you follow along by writing your own code when you're going through this video series.


Practical Python
PEP 8 - Python Style Guide


Python has its own official style conventions that you should follow, known as PEP 8. These are general purpose rules to fall back on in case there aren't project specific conventions that you're following.


Modules and Packages in Python


Modules and packages are a fundamental part of the Python language and ecosystem. It's worth doing a review of these terms in-depth and really understand how they work.


Pip and Virtualenv


Python has an amazing ecosystem of packages for you to download so you can do more with Python. Virtualenv is a way for you to keep your installations separate. Learn about both to help you manage addons to Python.


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Flask is a web framework for Python. It is a very lightweight framework, meaning it covers only the basics you need to get a web server running. It's an excellent introduction to server side development if you're familiar with Python.