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Git gives a variety of tools to manage your code and collaborate with others. It's known as a version control system, which means it helps you organize changes in your code as your working on it. It also has powerful tools to help you collaborate with others when you're programming. It's a key part of any web developers toolkit, especially if you are working on teams.

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As you code, knowing how to manage the changes that you make is going to be a key skill. Git is a program that makes controlling the different versions of your code easier for you and your team.

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What is Version Control?


This introductory video explains what version control is and how git is a powerful tool to help with it. Instead of trying complicated manual ways to keep track of your changes to your files as you code, git helps you manage all of that.


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Version control is a really important part of any professional developer's toolkit. It helps with saving your work, collaboration, and managing changes. Go through this entire interactive tutorial.


Deep Dive into Git
Version Control Best Practices


If you understand how to use git, it's important to follow best practices since you'll naturally be working with other people using it. These tips will make sure that you make working with git easier for you and your team.


10 Common Git Problems and How to Fix Them


Even though git is something that you'll use almost every day as a developer, there are so many different tools that sometimes you'll make mistakes. This a great overview of what those common mistakes might be and how to fix them.


Learn Git Branching


This is an amazing interactive tutorial that gives you a hands on walkthrough of branching, one of the most difficult concepts in git for beginning developers.


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GitHub is an online service that helps you manage and host your git repositories. It has a slew of features to make managing and sharing your code simple.