A JavaScript library for making front end easier

jQuery is a JavaScript library that makes common tasks like selecting HTML elements, event handling, and Ajax much simpler. For web developers who use JavaScript on the front end, jQuery is almost always used. It will make working JavaScript far easier than using plain JavaScript, and it’s an essential tool for any web developer.

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Using plain JavaScript to manipulate the elements and styles of your website can be cumbersome. jQuery was created to make common uses of JavaScript much easier, including animations, selecting, and even communicating with the server.

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Background Concepts
What's a JavaScript Library?


Using other people's code is a core part of being a web developer. Some of the most widely used libraries are written in JavaScript. Learn what JavaScript libraries are, how they are used, and practice using them in this interactive tutorial.


What is the DOM?


Understanding what the Document Object Model (or DOM) is will be a fundamental part of using JavaScript and manipulating content on your website. The DOM is confused for a number of things, but short overview will help you understand the difference between it and HTML, JavaScript, and the browser.


Event Handling


Event handling is one of the core features of JavaScript and the backbone for user interaction on modern websites. Understanding how it works in depth will be key to do any sophisticated interactions on your pages.




This is a great interactive introduction to the jQuery library. It gives a general overview of how jQuery works with selectors, effects, and animations.


Learn X in Y Minutes - jQuery


This quick overview of jQuery from a syntax point of view. It serves as a great reminder of what the basic functions of jQuery are to manipulate elements, select them, and more.


AJAX with jQuery
What is AJAX?


AJAX is one of the core technologies that powers the modern web. It allows websites to get content from a server without reloading the entire page just to get a small update. With JavaScript and popular libraries like jQuery, AJAX has become easier to learn. Understand what it is and how it's used.


AJAX with jQuery


jQuery is one of the most popular ways to make AJAX requests, instead of using plain JavaScript. Learn how to use popular methods in the jQuery library to fetch data from the server and make updates to your web pages.


JSON: What It Is, How It Works, & How to Use It


JSON is the current standard for how to format data that is being passed in AJAX requests. This tutorial gives a great overview of what JSON is, how it is used with jQuery, and how to process it in JavaScript.


Practical jQuery
jQuery Best Practices


There are a lot of ways to write functional jQuery, but there are a few best practices you should follow to make sure it's readable and efficient. This presentation gives a few tips for common patterns to use when writing jQuery.


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