Use the command line and get direct access to your computer

The shell is an essential part of every web developer's toolkit. It gives you direct access to your computer to install new languages and tools and manage your programming workspace.

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The shell is a program that lets you issue commands directly to your computer. Mastering the shell is an absolutely essential skill for anyone who works with computers, including web developers. It gives you the ability to install and manage programs, do sophisticated management of your filesystem, and much more.

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Jon Chan
  • Founder of Bento
  • Developer at Stack Overflow
  • Self-taught developer
Don't Fear the Command Line


A basic introduction to why the command line is important to learn, with some basic commands you will use regularly.


Difference Between Shell, Terminal, Command Line


There are a lot of different terms thrown around about what the shell is. You may have also heard of terms like Terminal, bash, command line, and others. Read this question and answer about the difference between these terms to clear it up.


Beginner's Guide to the Bash Terminal


This crash course gives you a full overview of the basics of bash, the terminal, and shell. It condenses an enormous amount of information into just over an hour of video.


Advanced Shell
Badassify Your Terminal and Shell


You can take your terminal to the next level to the next level by following the tips in this tutorial. There are many ways to customize and extend your terminal to become far more powerful than the standard program.


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