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SQL is a programming language for working with databases. It is the most popular language to interact with databases, and knowing how to use it is a basic skill that almost all web developers need.

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Databases help you store all the information in your web application, and SQL is the language you use to interact with most of them.

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Background Concepts
What Are Databases?


Databases are a key part of any sophisticated web application. Understanding how databases work, what they are used for, and what role they play are key concepts before diving into implementation. This video gives a quick, easy-to-understand overview.


What is Database & SQL?


This is a high level overview of the history of databases and what SQL is used for. Before diving into any particular database technology, it's important to be clear on the different terms you'll be hearing in other tutorials.


Learn RDBMS in 6 Minutes


This quick overview will introduce you to the basic terms related to relational databases and their management systems (RDBMS). It gives a high level understanding of databases before you dive into implementation.


Don't know a specific database like MySQL or Postgres?

Don't worry. Lots of the tutorials here mention specific database technologies like MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL that you may not have learned yet. You can learn these in separate tracks later on.

Intro to Relational Databases


Watch this series of videos to learn about how relational databases work. This will give you a solid foundation in how data is managed in your web applciation.


Intro to SQL: Querying and Managing Data


This is a full course on SQL with videos and interactive tutorials. All the basic operations of SQL, including selecting, inserting, updating, and deleting data are all covered here.


Deep Dive into SQL
Difference Between Different Types of SQL


There are a lot of technologies related to SQL and it can be very confusing at times. Understand the difference between the most common technologies related to SQL so everything is cleared up.




You may have heard the term "NoSQL" when learning about databases. What is the difference between SQL and NoSQL databases, and what are some examples? Find out in this overview.


Database Design


Database design is a fundamental skill in working with relational databases. Understanding how to model your data, structuring your database so it is easy to manage, and working with relationships are all parts of database design. This video series gives an in-depth walkthrough of each concept.


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What you should learn next


Postgres is a very popular SQL database that is used across the industry. Even if you know SQL already, there are specific features of Postgres that make working with databases easier.